Manos Angel Bootcamp Opportunity

As we women build our entrepreneurial culture, one of the values we certainly want to embody is inclusiveness. Our new business culture will be stronger and more interesting if we connect with all groups that are working hard for visibility and representation.

I am excited that my colleague from the Pipeline Fellowship, Hana Yang, has become a partner at the Manos Accelerator, working to support Latina and Latino entrepreneurs. Hana is bringing her Pipeline Fellowship experience to Manos, launching the Manos Angel Network and the Manos Angel Bootcamp.

The purpose of the Manos Angel Bootcamp is to train people how to be investors in early stage companies. These sessions are especially designed with a Silicon Valley-centric lens for those who are new to the angel investing game or would like a refresher.

The Bootcamp is an intense 6-session educational seminar covering the 
angel investment process from end-to-end, combined with mentorship and real-time application. The seminar starts this summer and runs in parallel with the Accelerator’s second batch of entrepreneurs.

Registration is currently open for the Manos Angel Bootcamp. Anyone who is committed to funding Latino and Latina entrepreneurs is welcome to apply.

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