Moms Make Great Employees

After Dr. Geeta Kadambi passed the patent bar, she received a good job offer from a law firm. Yet, in that moment, she realized that what she really wanted to do was start her own company, where she could implement her own values.

Dr. Kadambi is now the CEO of Riddhi IP LLC, a thriving intellectual property law firm. She founded the firm 4 years ago. When she was ready to take on employees, she soon hired an intelligent woman who was a mother spending her time at home with children. This relationship turned out well, and as Riddhi IP LLC grows, Geeta continues to hire qualified moms as patent agents and support staff.

Geeta told me that she hears a lot of people say that mothers don’t make good employees because they are not focused and not committed to their jobs. There is an opinion in our mainstream business culture that if a woman has something more important in her life than her job, like children, then she won’t step up to her work the way a man would.

Dr. Kadambi has found exactly the opposite to be true. The moms on her team reliably produce high-quality work. Geeta has structured the company’s systems to match her own values, and these systems happen to also work well for mothers of young children. Each project runs on a 10-day cycle, with two to three interim reviews. When and how the work gets done is completely flexible, within the review schedule. Also, Riddhi IP LLC takes work on a flat-rate basis, so there is no need for employees to track billable hours.

Riddhi IP LLC’s employees are intelligent, loyal, and honest. Geeta is even able to take vacations with peace of mind, since she knows her team will handle things professionally in her absence. Not every CEO of a young company has that benefit!

In our society, the brainpower and perspective of mothers is too often left on the table. Dr. Geeta Kadambi has found a way to access this talent pool. As a result, she gets to work in a collaborative, trusting environment, and her business is successful.

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