Women Investors Retreat


Six passionate, intelligent, high-impact women, on retreat in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, drinking wine, doing yoga, discussing the meaning of success and brainstorming how to make a lot of money while creating a better future for all of the world’s inhabitants. Seriously. What could be better? Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, we actually got stuff done.

On Sunday morning, Jagruti led us in twelve sun salutations. She explained that in her culture, we bless the sun because it always rises, no matter what. Plus, it allows us to see the faces of our loved ones. Then, we pulled out a laptop and started filling in the online forms to generate the documents that will create our Limited Liability Corporation, named Impact With Wings, LLC. We chose a CEO (Hana), decided how many units of the company we will each start with, and how the managing founders will make decisions. And because we are women, we had to multitask. Just forming a company does not occupy all of our capabilities. Karen cooked an amazing frittata for us while 11-year-old Ian entertained Karen’s 2-year-old Reeve. Christine wrote some paragraphs for her chapter of our book, and posted an entry to our Wingpact blog. Sheila washed dishes. When the morning was over, our company was formed (mostly), and we all felt refreshed and pampered.

I think this is how women would do everything, if the ways of the world allowed it. I am so blessed to be able to see the sun-kissed faces of my beautiful and inspiring colleagues who are also my dear friends.

When I got home, I realized…passionate, intelligent, high-impact women need this kind of time! It is a necessity to keep our ideas flowing and our confidence in our crazy dreams alive. Women investors need to go on retreat together. The numbers of women investors are increasing, but we are still a minority. We still feel isolated, especially in the venture capital environment.

I envision a weekend getaway where women who invest in early stage startups, whether as angels, VCs, or some combination, can relax and urge each other on to those bigger and better things that we hold in our hearts.

Soft beds and very comfortable accommodations. Clear, crisp air of close proximity to nature. Nourishing food, with wine and chocolate. Women cooking for each other, but that’s optional. (We bond in the kitchen but we hate it when it’s obligatory.) Gentle, cleansing exercise (also optional). Big ideas flow easily and interweave with personal truths. When we leave at the end of the gathering, we are more ourselves than we were when we arrived.

Would you attend a retreat like this? Would you be willing to brainstorm with me about what would make this retreat perfect for you? Let me know – leave a comment!

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