Impact With Wings

Well, now I have two blogs! Check out my new post on the “other” blog. As you may know, I am writing a book with a group of amazing women that I met in the Pipeline Fellowship. We were so inspired by our experience that we decided to write a book encouraging other women to follow our example and become angel investors. The title of our project is, “Impact With Wings.” We all found, each for our own reasons, that angel investing is a very exciting and powerful way to have a significant impact on how the future unfolds. Our new blog will chronicle our experiences working together on this book and other projects. Please follow Impact With Wings and let me know what you think!


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2 Responses to Impact With Wings

  1. Kristen Andrews says:

    I just read all your articles. Your writing style is clear, engaging.. and transformational. I’m inspired to begin writing myself. Thanks.

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