Just Don’t Try to Sleep With Me

As a women angel investor, I am interested in how I can support women entrepreneurs in ways they don’t typically experience with male funders. I have asked women entrepreneurs the question a number of times: How can we as women angel investors support you better?

The answer that I usually get is along the lines of, “I’m just glad you won’t try to sleep with me.”

I initially feel disappointed when I get this answer. I was hoping to be able to do something more actively innovative, more creative, more disruptive. I want to invent new practices, improve the whole way business is done, build something new and unique.

And yet, let’s not underestimate the impact of just treating our entrepreneurs with basic respect.

We’ve all had the experiences, or at least heard the stories. It ranges from the blatant expectation of sex for funding, all the way to that hard-to-put-your-finger-on-it feeling that if you were a man, they wouldn’t be talking to you like this.

These experiences sap our life energy – energy we women would rather direct towards building our dreams. That is why it is so powerful to have women angel investors. Just imagine if none of us on this planet had to use our energy asserting our right to be at the table, and instead could focus completely on creating a new future.

As a woman investor, merely showing up is innovative, creative, and disruptive. Just by being ourselves, we allow entrepreneurs to assume they will be considered for the strength of their ideas and the evidence of their talents. Now, the full power of women’s dreams will be unleashed.

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2 Responses to Just Don’t Try to Sleep With Me

  1. Tina Choi says:

    Great article…bold and honest! It’s good to put it all out there!!!

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